Sustainable Project

Sustainable Project was launched by a few local small business owners to educate the community about the environmental impacts of the fashion, beauty & home interior industries. It truly starts with education to ensure the creation of ethical, sustainable world.

project overview

This was a collaborative effort between many amazing creatives, including Branding Babes Co. who was responsible for the logo design as well as the color palette. My contribution was to design an elegant and clean website, as well as social material in order for this event to feel upscale and worthy. I incorporated my nature photography to tie back with the theme as well as art directed and photographed the founders of Sustainable Project to create a cohesive experience.


I love photographing nature, in fact that is how I started out in photography. Shooting details of the leaves, rocks, grass and anything that is usually unnoticed by most—I found beauty in the details. So when I started thinking of how I can make this website tie back to nature, it was a no-brainer to use my shots that I compiled over the years! Below is a selection of images from the photoshoot that I art directed and photographed of the founders, as well as nature images that incorporate a lot of lush green tones which worked great as a background for different sections of the website.

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