Wag! is an on-demand dog walking app that lunched in 2015, and is now available in 43 states and 110 cities. The mobile app gives pet parents instant access to experienced and trustworthy dog walkers, boarding hosts, and sitters in their communities.

internal communications

I partnered with communications team to lead the creative efforts for our first internal communication platform. Accomplishments include: a mission and values style guide, rewards and recognition program, new hire onboarding, branded company events and volunteering initiatives, weekly all-hands and leadership development presentations. Results drove a 5+% increase in leadership favorability among employees.

brand and marketing

When our team grew—I worked with product designers to enhance app UI, iconography, color palette, typography, iconography, as well as launch several new landing pages. Thereafter, I created our style guides to reflect our upgrades..

I also partnered closely with the Marketing team to launch Wag! Tag campaign and updated our Apple preview screens.

Apple Store Preview — I worked on re-designing our apple preview screens. The primary goal was to update the older design, copy, and make our positioning much clearer as to what we offered and what made us different. We also planned to test "First walk FREE" messaging vs., "First walk $9.95" to see which performed better.

Wag! Tag Shelter & Rescue Program — We launched Wag! Tags as a way to help lost dogs get back home faster, but we took it a step further and introduced Wag! Tag Shelter & Rescue Program specifically designed to help these tireless organizations and new pet parents. Knowing how hard it is for shelter dogs to find their forever homes, we wanted to ensure they'd have superior protection incase they were ever lost again.


I was initially hired to be the lead designer for our partnerships team. I single handedly created a cohesive and efficient approach to launching various partnerships by: a) working closely with engineers to update our old (and broken) landing page template, b) creating general marketing pieces that could be easily updated with different partners and promotions, and c) branding it with a badge logo to be used by our partners on their landing pages..

The main purpose of creating this style guide and template based design approach, was to give ease and efficiency to everyone involved. Before this guide—we "reinvented the wheel" each time, often slowing down the design team, as well as our partnerships team.

The solution was to simplify (both the process and creative), down to just a few assets; a printed card, a landing page, and a simple guide to be shared with the companies we partnered with. The end result made for a happier team and faster turnarounds.

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