Branding is something I feel really passionate about and connected to the most when it comes to design. I think it's because I really enjoy making brands come to life—have them take on personalities of their own, and observe how consumers connect with them.


Art Direction, management and leadership.


Branding, communication systems and more,

Sustainable Project

A collaborative effort for a good cause.

Visual Crave Photography

Personal passion project and side hustle.


Various start up mode contribution.

Rocket Lawyer

Small company, various projects.


Various logos designed for small business clients.


Below are a couple of projects that specifically focus on product building and product marketing.

Santa Cruz Wine Passport App

Updating old system—to new.

Shutterfly Product Marketing

E-mails, sale campaigns, and more.

graphic design

These are other projects I have worked on, that focus more on general graphic design, and creative exploration.


Hand draws letter explorations.

Print/Layout (KPMG)

Client proposal design.

Wedding Invitation

Fun, personal project.